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How to find your perfect (battery) match. Safety, performance, life time: Precise quality assessment and individual pricing of lithium-ion batteries drive the battery market. Anyone integrating new or used batteries into their products is challenged with a number of requirements. But how to select batteries in terms of quality to avoid rising costs, reputational damage and warranty claims? 

Even the use of just a few inadequate cells can lead to severe losses for projects and companies. In the end, our customers face two crucial questions: Does my supplier deliver cells of consistent quality? And: Does every cell I install really meet my requirements?

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Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS)

The method that sets new standards

second measuring time
simultaneous impedance measurements
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Quality Assurance
Incoming goods inspection with ExaMight
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Ensure quality

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The quality of each individual cell is the foundation for the success of your batteries. By using the groundwork of our many years of research and the novel methods that we originated, we were able to develope a comprehensive platform technology that measures the performance and life time of your batteries within seconds. 

With their associated software suite, our devices can be integrated into your operation with a precise fit, minimal effort and for any cell design. Our modular system offers the right solution for every project or operating process.

ExaMight | All-in-one quality assurance system ExaMight | All-in-one quality assurance system
Safion GmbH Safion GmbH
Research & Development
Parameter identification with Inspectrum
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Battery modeling

Solution for your projects

Precise results in next to no time: Based on our unique onlineEIS measurement method, we have created a lean solution for the development sector that significantly simplifies the modeling of batteries and the characterization of their properties. 

The innovative combination of our Inspectrum devices and its matching software provides extremely fast, precise measurements as well as simple operation, and is also particularly cost-effective.

Inspectrum | Next generation of battery characterization Inspectrum | Next generation of battery characterization
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Development, production or sales: In order to make a real difference with our innovative measurement processes and solutions, we grow with people who have a hands-on attitude and share our hunger for new knowledge.
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From development to production and integration to onboard diagnostics: We develop solutions for our customers along the entire battery value chain. After more than 10 years of interdisciplinary research, we still have only one thing in mind: the precise prediction of battery performance, life time and safety within seconds.
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