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„It's a platform technology with a lot of potential, and we just need to work together now to leverage it.“

Safion CEO Dr. Alexander Gitis

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Digatron & Safion announce strategic partnership
Digatron & Safion announce strategic partnership
Press release | 2022/01/18
Renowned battery testing and formation solutions provider Digatron announces strategic partnership with Safion GmbH, a fast-growing deep-tech company specializing in rapid and accurate prediction of battery performance, lifetime, and safety.
The right product at the right time
The right product at the right time
Success Story | RWTH Innovation
After almost three years, we have already achieved quite a bit as a young company. This is also the opinion of our university's innovation driver, RWTH Innovation, which has accompanied us since the first patent application and tells our success story in a short article.
Long live the battery
Long live the battery
Media Report | Zeit für Unternehmer
Yeah, we're hot stuff: Under the heading "The invention of my life", a charming article recently appeared in the magazine Zeit für Unternehmer. As always, the Inspectrum is looking particularly attractive into the camera and once again steals the show with its small-but-mighty looks.
Making batteries better.
Making batteries better.
Article | RWTH Keep in touch
The alumni magazine Keep in Touch not only finds it quite interesting that we are getting the best out of lithium-ion batteries, but also that we have set up after years at the Institute for Power Electronics and Electrical Drives at RWTH. (More on page 31)

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safion inspectrum safion inspectrum