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Ensure quailty

Every cell is different

Due to their complex electrochemical and mechanical composition, battery cells can never be produced with a constant quality. At the same time, however, battery-powered products usually place very precise demands on the performance and service life of each individual cell used.

Varying cell qualities not only affect the performance, but also the safety of your products. With our solutions, you have maximum transparency over the inner workings of every battery cell you produce or buy, ensuring that your cells deliver what they promise.

Turn-key solutions for battery quality

ExaMight Quality Assurance System

Perform high-precision incoming goods or end-of-line inspections of your cells - whether with the stand-alone solution via a compact tabletop setup or with the integration solution for your automated system.

Software-Plattform for battery quality

ExaMight Software Suite

Start and analyze measurements, manage and document your battery processes and monitor the quality delivered by your suppliers.

Software Solution

Innovative measurement technique

The Safion Real-Time EIS Method

The electrochemical impedance spectrum (EIS) can be seen as the fingerprint of the battery and contains highly relevant information for predicting future capacity, lifetime and performance in your application. Correctly evaluated, impedance spectra have been providing precise insights into the inner workings of batteries in the research field for years. However, classical EIS measurement systems are too slow to be used for large-scale screening of battery cells in a production environment.

Safion's Real-Time EIS (RT-EIS) method uses superimposed excitation to measure up to 32 impedance points simultaneously. This reduces measurement time from minutes to seconds, enabling very high throughput and optimizing the method for quality assurance. Using intelligent algorithms and machine learning for feature extraction and weighting, our software evaluates each battery fully automatically and matches it with the user's individual requirements.

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