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The ExaMight Integration Kit

The ExaMight integration kit allows you to easily integrate Safion's innovative measurement technology into battery testing systems of various sizes. Using our highly accurate real-time EIS technique, you can optimize your end-of-line testing or incoming goods inspection by reliably evaluating each cell automatically in seconds. Our intuitive ExaMight software suite with automated workflows enables centralized control of the entire plant and supports you in the use of your cells.

Your individual automation specialist: Whether you already have an existing plant or want to set up a new plant with your trusted automation expert, we guarantee a seamless and cost-effective integration. Our components, consisting of a measuring unit, a connection box, as well as contacting heads and cabling, are flexibly adaptable to plant size, automation options and cell format. In close coordination with your automation specialist, we will find the best way to bring ExaMight into your plant.

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Software Suite

The comprehensive ExaMight software suite provides tools for precise evaluation and in-depth analysis of lithium-ion batteries and their characteristics. Identify flawed batches and single cells, track the quality of incoming and outgoing cells, or select high-performance cells for demanding and safety-critical applications.

Automatic quality evaluation: Using intelligent algorithms and machine learning for feature extraction and weighting, the software fully automatically evaluates each battery and matches it with the user's individual requirements.

  • Efficient tools and workflows for
    • Cell screening and evaluation
    • In-depth cell quality analysis
    • Documentation & Reporting
  • Customizable battery quality criteria based on the requirements of your application
  • User-friendly interface for easy operation
  • Flexible API for big data implementation
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Measurement unit

The ExaMight measuring unit is the heart of your quality assurance solution. As a central, local data center, it is responsible for generating the measurement signal and processing and storing the measurement data.

Equipped with innovative measurement electronics and intelligent algorithms, the measurement unit enables fully automatic measurement of the electrochemical battery impedance within one second. With the help of the ExaMight software suite installed on the unit, your batteries are evaluated fully automatically and all measurement data is stored in the local database.

  • Measurement of the electrochemical impedance with 32 frequency points in 1 second
  • Measurement of 1kHz resistance, open circuit voltage as well as cell temperature
  • Local memory and stand-alone operation for maximum data security
  • Software updates via online connection
  • Interfaces: 4 x USB, DisplayPort, 2 x Ethernet
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Connection box

The connection box serves as a bridge between the measuring unit and the contacting components. Easy and quick to integrate into your automated system, it forwards the measurement signals as well as the measured current, voltage and temperature data.

With its numerous connection options, the box enables a silent and secure data connection - both to the essential system components and to further optional accessories.

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With the help of high-quality cell contact blocks, a reliable connection to the poles of your cells is established to ensure reproducible measurement results. Consisting of a contacting head with pogo pins for adaptation to a wide range of cell geometries and a holder for easy attachment to moving machine parts, they can be optimally integrated into your individual automation solution.

Via an advanced infrared sensor, the temperature of your cell can be measured without contact. A mounting bracket is already provided for easy attachment. For precise measurements it is only necessary that the surface of your cells is not reflective.