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    One system for battery quality Stand-Alone Solution for Cell Quality Assurance

Intuitive, fast, efficient

The ExaMight System

ExaMight uses Safion's innovative Real-Time EIS process for highly precise and ultra-fast cell evaluation and handles all aspects of battery quality assurance for you. This can benefit any company that manufactures or incorporates batteries into products. From incoming inspection or end-of-line testing of cells to interconnection to modules, reporting and logging - all important steps are solved by automated workflows with intuitive operation.

Your operating process, your battery quality: As a compact table top setup with onboard PC, the system offers a user-friendly overall solution equipped with a semi-automatic contacting unit. With a throughput rate of 10 cells per minute, even untrained personnel can thus process a high number of cells. Applicable to all current cell designs, ExaMight meets your application-specific requirements and always has the individual battery benefit in mind.

Battery screening in a new way

How does ExaMight work?

Place a cell in the insert tray of the contacting unit. The QR or barcode must point upwards.

Scan the QR or barcode of the cell with the supplied hand scanner. The system automatically saves the serial number, contacts the cell and starts the measurement.

Follow the measurement result on the screen. The software automatically evaluates the cell and gives the feedback: Pass or Fail.

Remove the cell from the insertion tray as soon as measurement and decontacting are complete (approx. 3 sec.). Depending on the measurement result, you can now use or discard the cell.

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compact & modular

How is ExaMight structured?

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Software Suite

The comprehensive ExaMight software suite provides tools for precise measurement and in-depth analysis of lithium-ion batteries and their characteristics. Identify faulty batches and single cells, track the quality of incoming and outgoing cells, or select high-performance cells for demanding and safety-critical applications.

Automatic quality assessment: Using intelligent algorithms and machine learning for feature extraction and weighting, the software assesses each battery fully automatically and matches it with the user's individual requirements.

  • Efficient tools and workflows for
    • Cell screening and evaluation
    • In-depth cell quality analysis
    • Documentation & Reporting
  • Customizable battery quality criteria based on the requirements of your application
  • User-friendly interface for easy operation
  • Flexible API for big data implementation
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Measurement unit

The ExaMight measuring unit is the heart of your quality assurance solution. As a central, local data center, it is responsible for generating the measurement signal and processing and storing the measurement data.

Equipped with innovative measurement electronics and intelligent algorithms, the measurement unit enables fully automatic measurement of the electrochemical battery impedance within one second. With the help of the ExaMight software suite installed on the unit, your batteries are evaluated fully automatically and all measurement data is stored in the local database.

  • Measurement of the electrochemical impedance with 32 frequency points in 1 second
  • Measurement of 1kHz resistance, open circuit voltage as well as cell temperature
  • Local memory and stand-alone operation for maximum data security
  • Software updates via online connection
  • Interfaces: 4 x USB, DisplayPort, 2 x Ethernet
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Contacting unit

The ExaMight system can be used with all known cell geometries and lithium-ion battery chemistries. In addition, the system is future-proof and flexibly adaptable to future battery cell chemistries. The robust semi-automatic contacting units are available for common cell geometries and can be operated with hand or finger scanners. By scanning the QR or barcode of a cell, it is automatically contacted and digitally documented at the same time.

  • Plug-and-Play-Integration with all ExaMight series products
  • Robust design and protection devices for demanding production environments
  • Flexibly adaptable: We can offer you the right solution for every cell format