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The Inspectrum

With Inspectrum, you perform EIS measurements at unprecedented speed as part of your battery cell and battery system development. A specially developed toolchain in our software enables parameterization of your batteries in the shortest possible time. Optimized for the industrial sector, the system represents a lean but extremely powerful solution that is easy to put into operation and can be operated without special qualifications.

With the Inspectrum, you are offered a particularly cost-effective alternative to conventional EIS measuring systems, which is at the same time more precise and more robust and which leads you - at the push of a button - directly to your individual results.

In combination with our multiplexer, you have up to 8 measuring channels at your disposal. In this way, you significantly reduce the measurement effort and minimize the typical error rate in cell contacting.

Safion GmbH
Safion GmbH

Software Suite

The comprehensive Inspectrum software suite offers an intuitive user interface and a feature set that far exceeds the industry standard. With efficient tools and workflows, you can quickly make accurate EIS measurements and identify model parameters of your cells.

Interprete impedance spectra with ease and quickly create simulation models to accurately predict the electrical and thermal behavior of your cells.

  • Multiple measurement modes
  • User-friendly wizards for measurement settings
  • Intuitive data management
  • Fast algorithms for generating user-defined equivalent circuits
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Measurement unit

The measurement unit forms the hardware core of the Inspectrum system and is responsible for generating the measurement signals. Using high-quality, innovative measurement electronics, it enables simultaneous measurement of up to 32 impedance points within one second.

Whether used as a completely stand-alone setup with a PC or combined with a battery cycler, Inspectrum is ready for immediate use and easy to operate. At the same time, the measurement unit is particularly compact and designed for robustness and long service life to withstand demanding operating conditions. Energy costs are dramatically reduced by using excess energy to charge the battery cells.

  • AC output current: 10 A (p-p)
  • Frequency range: 10 mHz to 10 kHz
  • Output voltage: 0 - 5 V
  • Superimposed DC output current: +/- 1 A
  • CAN Bus & USB Interface
  • High efficiency switched-mode design: no active cooling, no heat sink, no maintenance
Safion GmbH


The multiplexer expands the Inspectrum to 8 EIS measurement channels, allowing characterization of cell strings or multiple single cells. Sequential measurements with a switching time of less than 0.5 seconds significantly reduce effort and time and minimize typical cell contacting error rates. The MUX8 features plug-and-play integration with the Inspectrum series, has a small footprint, and requires no maintenance.

  • 8 simultaneously connected EIS measurement channels
  • Sequential measurement with channel switching within 0.5 seconds
  • Plug-and-play integration with Inspectrum.C
  • Small footprint and maintenance-free design

Stand-alone or with Multiplexer

How to set up Inspectrum?

Single cells

Multiple cells or cell strings