Because powerful and safe batteries make the difference.
Because we adapt our solutions to your requirements and maximize your individual profit.
Because we are driven by the striving for profound data.
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We are convinced that battery powered drives will improve the life of the people. With our solutions we enable highly secure and reliable lithium ion battery systems as well as optimal operation and ultrafast charging. Therefore, we develop scalable hardware and software, which we transfer into customized products.

The SAFION Solution

We dont estimate, we measure.
The design and operation of Lithium ion battery systems can be significantly more cost-effective, if the battery state is continuously, precisely and reliably monitored and predicted. We solve these complex challenges with our diagnostic and management systems by combining Multispectral Impedance Spectroscopy (Mulit-EIS) and guided Ultrasonic Waves (g-US). To evaluate the new measured values we use deterministic procedures and machine learning algorithms.

Drivers and measurement systems


Diagnostic and management systems

Products and Services

Ahead of market and risk.
We develop, produce and distribute performant and lean diagnostic solutions for lithium-ion batteries along the entire value chain. Our systems cover highest security requirements and ensure optimal functionality of your battery powered products even under challenging operating conditions.

Battery management solutions

Systems for quality assurance

Laboratory and development systems

Engineering and consulting services

The company

True Engineering with Passion for Innovation.
The striving for performant and safe battery systems drives us daily. Therefore, we transfer latest scientific findings in battery research into high-quality customer solutions. We combine profound battery knowledge with high hardware and software competence.

Battery Knowledge

Platform technology

Customized solutions

The team

Strong team with strong network. 
We share the craving for new knowledge and the believe in progress through technology. We are a team of technically and economically experienced engineers and scientists from RWTH Aachen, that has decided to use their technology and implementation expertise to create innovative products, which deliver real added value to our customers. Get in touch with us and let us collectively expand your market positition and capture new markets.

Dr.-Ing.Alexander Gitis

Alexander Gitis has worked in fields from algorithm development to profitability analysis in different areas and positions. He is responsible for corporate management.

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Hendrik Zappen

Hendrick Zappen has several years of experience in research and development of battery management systems. At SAFION he is responsible for hardware and software development.

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Georg Fuchs

Georg Fuchs handled and coordinated life time analysis and product development for OEMs and suppliers for several years. At SAFION he is responsible for product development and testing.

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