Examight Series

Screen battery cells in seconds & integrate them into modules all in one process with the Examight device and Battery Inspection Center software.


Reliable and fast screening of 18650 and 21700 cell

  • Undisputed physical link between oEIS and battery cell performance/life time
  • Superiority over open circuit voltage (OCV) and internal resistance (IR) measurement regarding diagnosis accuracy
  • oEIS, OCV, and IR measurement and visualization

Optimal solution for small to medium volumes

  • Semi-manual screening process
  • Throughput 10 seconds per cell and 1.000 cells per day
  • Full screening and integration traceability

Easy/quick set-up and process integration

  • Minimal staff training and qualification required
  • Extended misuse prevention and worker support
  • Automatized report generation for authorities and customers

Examight is still in development progress and will soon be officially announced.

How it works

Incoming battery cell screening

Battery cell into module integration

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