Safion GmbH
Safion GmbH

Batteries can be the simplest part of your project.

If you are worried about the quality, security and lifetime of the batteries that you produce or receive from your supplier, we can help you to take the worry away. 

All you have to do now is fulfil the Form below, and we will get in touch to understand exactly how we can help you.

Examight system fuer Qualitaetsicherung Safion Examight system fuer Qualitaetsicherung Safion

We are a team of more than 10 years of experience and 25 colleagues ready to help you.

Our Management, from Left to Right : Dipl.-Ing. Hendrik Zappen (CTO): Expert in software development for battery diagnostics and analysis and the inventor of the revolutionary Real-Time-EIS method.

Dr.-Ing. Alexander Gitis (CEO): More than 10 years of experience in technological-economic consulting and expert in the field of industrial quality assurance of lithium-ion batteries.

Dr.-Ing. Arne Hendrik Wienhausen (Head of Hardware Development): More than 10 years of experience in the development of highly compact power electronics for research and industry and out stand knowledge in the field of hardware for battery diagnostic systems. More than 30 scientific publications (with 170+ citations)

Georg Fuchs, M.Sc. (COO): He has extraordinary expertise in battery testing and has planned and designed battery systems for almost 10 years in his role as Head of Battery Pack at RWTH Aachen University. Led numerous lifetime analyses and product developments for OEMs and was able to build up an excellent network in the field of battery manufacturing.