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Examight.Desktop Suite

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The comprehensive ExaMight software suite provides tools for precise evaluation and detailed analysis of lithium-ion batteries and their characteristics.

Identify faulty individual cells, track the quality of incoming and outgoing cells or select high-performance cells for demanding and safety-critical applications.

With a user-friendly interface and extensive functions, Examight.Suite optimizes work processes and data management.

Automatic quality evaluation: Using intelligent algorithms and machine learning for feature extraction and weighting, the software evaluates each battery fully automatically and compares it with the user's individual requirements.

Modular structure: With a basic version and various additional applications and tools, the software can be perfectly adapted to your individual requirements.

Cell Measurement

Battery cells are measured with just a few mouse clicks. With the Cell Measurement application, you can create a profile with all the relevant data for your cell type and your batch or select a profile that has already been created. This ensures complete traceability of your cells and allows you to compare entire batches at a later date.

Once the cell type and batch have been selected, you can start the measurements in seconds by clicking on "Scan Cell". All measurement results are automatically saved in the local or decentralized database.

Data View

Analyze the measurement results of your batteries with the help of intelligent visualizations and evaluation criteria The Data View provides you with various graphical display options for comparing cells within a batch and even from batch to batch.

In addition to the classic measurement parameters, you can visualize and differentiate your cells according to their actual, relative quality using the calculated quality factor. The export function can also be used to output the measurement results in various file formats.

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Battery Classifier

Classify your battery cells according to your individual application requirements. The Battery Classifier makes it possible for you. With the Battery Classifier, you can check the suitability of your cells for the planned application directly during the measurement and determine the appropriate use.

In this context, we are happy to help you create suitable limit values to ensure a precise suitability assessment.

Batteriezellen, Batteriebewertung, Zellen (schnell) vermessen, Batterien charakterisieren Batteriezellen, Batteriebewertung, Zellen (schnell) vermessen, Batterien charakterisieren

User-friendly, intelligent, target-oriented

Start and analyze measurements, manage and document your battery processes and monitor the quality of your suppliers - all with just one software.

Efficient tools and workflows for

  • Cell screening and evaluation
  • Detailed analysis of cell quality
  • Documentation & reporting

The comprehensive ExaMight.suite provides you with tools for

  • Precise evaluation and analysis of lithium-ion battery characteristics
  • Identification of faulty batches and individual cells
  • Detailed tracking of the quality of incoming and outgoing cells
  • Complete documentation with all information at a glance on a user-friendly interface
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  • Minimize effort by measuring battery cells in seconds with just a few clicks
  • Create a profile of the cell type and batch for complete traceability
  • Quick conclusions and comparisons between batches
  • Save the measurement results automatically or in a decentralized database
  •  Examine your measurement results with the help of intelligent visualization
  • Switch between different display formats to compare cells within a batch and even batches with each other
  • Visualize the classic measurement parameters, the calculated quality factor and the relative quality
  • Export the data in various file formats
  • Time savings through direct testing of the cells for their intended use
  • Support and creation of suitable limit values and precise suitability assessment